Phony cures for Covid Abound

The Authorities continue to caution residents against home remedies, bush medicine, herbal cures, and potions promoted on the Internet, in regards to the Covid virus. The latest fad heralds the Cassiopeia Jellyfish, common in Scallop Harbor, as the miracle cure for any ailment associated with the Novel Coronavirus. There is no scientific basis what so ever to back up this new use for the slimy, pulsating creatures. That has not hindered the people rushing to turn these humble blobs into pills, solutions, powders and distillates. It seems the fishermen, put out of work by slacking demand for their usual catch, have happened on a new source of revenue. Quite easy to catch, as they rest upside down on the shallow sea bottom, these jellies appear as flowers, with colorful tentacles of olive green, pale blue and purple. Until now, no market has ever been discovered. They are generally harmless to bathers, possessing only a mild sting. It is not currently known what particular quality has convinced the Scallop Harbor locals that they offer any benefit in the treatment of Covid-19 other then being easy to procure. At press time, several gracys with live wells full of Cassiopeia, were departing for Puptown, and the dockside markets there. While no fishing regulations exist for the creatures, it is unlawful to sell, promote, distribute or advertise any unproven cure for any illness, in the Southern Islands.

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