PupTown Police Blotter 1/20/23

Assault with a deadly Gecko, Animal Cruelty

Jobart Hobson, resident of Rockinghorse Cay, arrested for Assault and Battery on Ms. Terra McCormick, tourist from the United Kingdom. According to several witnesses, Mr. Hobson displayed a tame Twilight Gecko to the woman, and informed her (quite erroneously) that the purple and yellow creature possessed a deadly bite. He proceeded to threaten Ms. McCormick with the gecko, demanding money, and one point threw the reptile at her. In her panic, Ms. McCormick tripped and fell, injuring her leg. Mr. Hobson was also charged with misdemeanor Animal Cruelty

Drunk and Disorderly, Disturbing the Peace

William Sutters, tourist from the USA, was arrested for public intoxication and playing loud music while visiting East Cove in the evening hours of Tuesday. Visitors to the Southern Islands are reminded that alcohol may only be consumed on private property. Noise ordnances vary from island to island, however none will appreciate Death Metal played at 11pm.

Intent to Defraud, Malicious Mischief, Public Nuisance

Timor Grubb, resident of Pup Town, arrested for rigged lobster races, loose or otherwise improperly restrained goats, and defacing business signage. Visitors are cautioned against participating in any wager on unsanctioned lobster races or goat rangles.

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