incident at White Bluff

The settlement of White Bluff has reportedly experienced another appearance of the Lucky Ghost Dog. Story as related by Captain William Bencee, cargo gracy “Oleander”

“Was lying at anchor 2 NM off the White Bluff Settlement. Weather, mild, winds, SE 10k. Awaiting tide to enter White Bluff Creek to take on cargo of pineapple. At about 1:30 AM was awoken by barking of dog. I and several crew notice small brown dog running up and down the deck. We figured the animal had somehow come aboard from the wharfs at Rockinghorse, and set about trying to secure it. By now the noise had found everyone on board quite awake. We found it impossible to corner the dog, and even a serving of uncooked burger could not coax it into the wheelhouse. After about fifteen minutes, it took up a position on the bow, forward of the windlass, barking incessantly. We though it was finally trapped there, and the engineer and mate proceeded to approach. The animal then jumped up on the caprail and began snarling furiously at the water. The Mate was able to grab it with a towel, and the Engineer glanced down to see a dinghy in the water. He called for a hand torch, which revealed a person, or body, in the bottom of the small craft. The dinghy was brought aft where the castaway, Male, older, was discovered to be alive. He was recovered without incident and a call was put out to Island Marine Rescue, which sent a chopper. The canine, last seen resting in a box under the saloon table, was nowhere to be found. Open arrival in White Bluff, was told of local Lucky Ghost Dog legend. Six crew and myself all witnessed this apparition and Someone even took a picture.

Lucky Ghost Dog

No one in the settlement seemed much taken by our experience. I was informed later that our rescue was a foreign yachtsman adrift for ten days after collision with unspecified object forced abandonment of yacht.”

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